Tricel expand manufacturing, logistics and distribution network in the French market with new operations located in Avignon

Keys to the new Tricel premises in Avignon being handed over

The handing over of the keys of Tricel’s newest premises in Avignon.

Tricel has established a new manufacturing, logistics and distribution centre in Avignon in a move that increases the company’s network within the French market. Based in the south-east, this latest premises will be a key location in regard to furthering the company’s already strong presence within the country. This is one element of a series of steps which the group has undertaken as part of its ongoing successful European growth strategy which is leading into 2020.

Tricel has seen exceptional growth throughout Europe in recent years, and the French market in particular has been of strong interest to the company. Pictured above (right to left), Mr. Gauthier is handing over the keys of the new premises to Ms. Mary Kane, who will be filling the office manager position at this new location. Pictured also are, Mr. John O’Loughlin, Tricel’s manager of Environmental Engineering, and Mr. James Butler, the head of Tricel’s Environmental Division.

Conversely, the company had initially established its first manufacturing centre in Poitiers in the western region of the country following on the success of gaining a French Government Licence in 2011. This site acted as Tricel’s commercial hub for France, and also as the group’s first mainland European factory. It was from here that the group began to manufacture and distribute a range of very successful waste water treatment products into the French market. Following on this success the company has consistently moved to strengthen its position within the country.

On May 2016, Tricel added to its Agrèment certification by being granted the French Government Agrèment which allowed for the new Seta waste water treatment tank (WWT) to be introduced to the French marketplace. This product has been extremely well received due to its wide range of applications. The highly innovative Seta WWT tank is suitable for both constant and intermittent effluent use. This makes it ideal for a range of functions, including holiday homes, permanent residential homes, as well as for larger applications such as rural school developments and businesses.

CEO of Tricel, Mr. Mike Stack, views the French market as an important element of the group’s overall growth strategy. He commented: “Tricel has cultivated a very strong relationship with both France and the French market. Ever since achieving a French Government Licence for our Tricel sewage treatment products in 2011 we have actively developed growth strategies which a focus on these regions. We firmly believe that, moving forward, this latest development is one in a series which will see that relationship only grow, develop and get stronger”.

Tricel is a well-established global provider of high performance solutions for the Water, Environmental, Construction and Materials industries with 12 operating locations across Europe. Headquartered in Kerry, Ireland, the company has been successfully manufacturing since 1973 and now serves over 50 countries worldwide.


Tricel to attend 2016 National Ploughing Championships and showcase innovative wastewater treatment plants

National Ploughing Championships

Tricel will attend and exhibit at this year’s National Ploughing Championship, which gets under way in Screggan, Tullamore, Co Offaly from Sept 20 – 22. A competition shall be held during the event and the winner will receive a Tricel wastewater treatment (WWT) system to the value of 2,000 Euro. This is Europe’s largest exhibition and agricultural trade show. First held in 1932, the event attracted 3,000 spectators. Last year’s event attracted over 281,000 attendees and over 1,500 exhibitors. The proceedings take place on of over 800 acres and is now one of the largest outdoor events in Europe.

Tricel Attending National Ploughing Championships

Tricel is attending the 2016 Ploughing Championship

The Tricel stand will be showcasing the latest product line of highly innovative and successful wastewater treatment plants. Each plant is manufactured to the highest international standards. This is done using the industries most advanced technological methods and materials. In turn, this delivers a range of product solutions to suit all consumer needs. Tricel’s line of tanks is suitable for an array of applications. Such applications range from single build, communal and all the way to hotels and commercial usage. This range offers the utmost in efficient treatment of domestic and commercial wastewater. The Tricel Environmental range of WWT plants is the ideal solution for home owners, or those who have a commercial business, where mains drainage is not possible.

The Tricel Novo

The Tricel Novo tank is an easy to install and simple to maintain wastewater treatment plant that results in up to 95% clarification of effluent. These submerged aeration plants use a simple and proven fixed bed technology and are suitable across domestic, commercial or communal applications. Tricel manufactures the Novo tanks using sheet moulding compound (SMC) which is a highly technologically developed processes used to create structural composites. This type of construct is unique in the wastewater treatment industry. Using this build method makes these plants extremely light, strong and durable. Tricel SMC tanks have operated in some of the world’s harshest climates for over 50 years and continue to do so with no defects. Distributors are available for these highly effective WWT treatment plants throughout the UK and Ireland.

The Tricel Vento

Accordingly, for more traditional systems the Tricel Vento septic tanks will also be on show. These units are a market leading product manufactured from high density polyethylene using advanced blow moulding technology. The tanks are lightweight, have a super low profile and require little excavation for instalment. Such elements ensure a minimum disruption to the grounds and a smooth and easy transition during the installation process, as well as resulting in lower costs. The unique design of the filtration system helps to achieve an impressive 99.88% efficiency.

The Tricel Puraflo

The Tricel Puraflo will also be on exhibition. This is an eco-friendly and modular WWT system based on passive bio filtration principals. Puraflo works with your existing Septic Tank, such as the Tricel Vento, where treated effluent requires a higher level of filtration before it returns to the ground. The system operates a peat fibre bio filter making it highly sustainable with very little or no energy consumption. Furthermore, the components of this system also assure that it has minimal operational and maintenance requirements.

Tickets for the National Ploughing Championship can be pre-ordered or are also available upon entry. The Tricel stand will be positioned in row 28, block 3, no: 711. Drop by and be in with a chance to win our fantastic competition, and meet our experienced technical team to see firsthand the superior quality of the Tricel wastewater treatment plant range.


Tricel extends its UK Fibreglass Distribution Network with the acquisition of Glasplies Ltd.

Tricel, a fully Irish owned company, has extended its strong position of fibreglass distribution in the UK and Ireland with the strategic move of acquiring Glasplies Ltd. This latest acquisition, situated in Southport in Merseyside, is ideally located and strengthens an already extensive and successful network of operations.

Tricel's acquisition of G;asplies Ltd. located at Southport in Merseyside

Tricel’s latest UK acquisition which is based in Southport in Merseyside

Glasplies Ltd., which is a great addition to Tricel’s rapidly expanding portfolio, is one of the longest independently established suppliers of Glass Reinforced Products (GRP) in the UK market.  As well as distributing into traditional fibreglass markets, such as moulding and boat building, Glasplies Ltd. also offer a range of products for roofing and other specialist applications. The Merseyside based company has over a half a century’s experience supplying both quality and service to all aspects of the fibreglass supplies industry. The geographic location of the acquisition makes it ideal to act as a distribution gateway between the company’s presence in both the North and the South of the country.

Earlier this year the company acquired Fiberglass Supplies (Leeds) Ltd. which is one of the country’s leading suppliers and distributors of composite and roofing materials. Along with its latest acquisitions and existing distribution centres in Gloucester and Newry, Tricel maintain a very strong presence in fibreglass distribution throughout Ireland and the UK.

Tricel’s Head of Materials Division, Robbie Larkin, commented on this latest acquisition by stating “we are delighted to welcome Glasplies to the Group. The acquisition of Glasplies is part of Tricel’s and the Materials Division’s growth strategy. With over 50 years’ experience in fibreglass distribution, Glasplies strengthens our position in the fibreglass market in the UK and Ireland. With this purchase comes the wealth of experience and insight which Glasplies Ltd. has developed and earned over many years of successful operations. Such elements and attributes are highly prized and can only add innovative value to the development of Tricel’s overall operating strategy within the regions”.

This latest move is the most recent in a series undertaken by the company to facilitate its growth strategy leading up to 2020. As well as extending its fibreglass distribution network, Tricel has also in recent months extended its Environmental Division by adding a second manufacturing site in the South of France to meet the growing demand for the Tricel range of products.

Tricel has moved from strength to strength in recent years, growing from its original position as a small but successful family owned business into what is today a highly trusted and world recognised brand. The company now has established operations in 5 countries and a distribution network servicing over 50 countries worldwide.

Tricel’s latest French acquisition attracts an intergalactic turnout

Tricel’s pace of positive expansion has continued with its latest acquisition in the Southern region of France. The signing ceremony took place with the Notaire who is shown in attendance at the memorable occasion. Shown, from left, are Managing Director at Tricel Mike Stack, French Solicitor Florence Magnain and Notary Emanuel Comte. The importance of the event was highlighted by the attendance of the reclusive but much revered Intergalactic Japanese robot superhero Goldorak (Grendizer in France).

Celebrating the signing of Tricel's latest French acquisition

Managing Director Mike Stack in attendance at Tricel’s latest acquisition signing in France

Tricel has grown from its humble beginnings as a family owned Irish operating company to become a world recognised global provider of high performance solutions for the Construction, Environmental, Water and Materials Industries. Customers for the company include multinational manufacturing companies, engineers and government agencies to name but a few. The company supplies industry leading innovative solutions to an array of sectors, and have facilities operating in five major countries. Such is the strategic positioning of these facilities that it enables the company to supply an extensive range of products to over 50 countries worldwide, making it a highly trusted and recognised brand.

In 2011 the company successfully achieved a French Government Licence for its innovative Tricel Sewage Treatment products. Soon after they opened their first mainland European factory in Poitiers which is situated in the Western region of the country. From this initial location they began manufacturing a range of successful sewage treatment products for the French market. Since its initial introduction to this geographic region the company has gone from strength to strength. This latest acquisition, which is in the South Easterly region of the country, will see the expansion of the company’s presence and a significant consolidation of the market share.

Tricel received certification for its wastewater treatment systems in the neighbouring country Germany in 2012. This resulted in Tricel becoming one of the few Irish brands who successfully hold both a French and German Government licence. These were just some of the memorable landmarks on a journey of positive and strategic expansion for the group. The company has further developed its environmental portfolio in recent years and is currently selling into a number of major European countries, including Ireland, France, Germany, Belgium and the UK.

2016 saw Tricel’s successful introduction of their new Seta wastewater treatment plant to the French market. This system is designed for both constant and intermittent influent applications. This makes the system ideal for residential homes, school development projects and also less frequently used holiday homes. The system is also applicable as a tertiary plant before discharge to ground through a gravel base. This newly introduced and innovative technological system has been very well received and is experiencing an extremely buoyant start-up phase.

The latest strategic acquisition is the most recent in a series of moves which will strengthen Tricel’s position within the French market, as well as consolidate its European presence.


Tricel Director speaks at launch of the EU funded Institute for Economic and Enterprise Research

The launch of the Institute for Economic and Enterprise Research (iEER) took place on the 28th June 2016 in Brussels. The conference was organised through the collaboration of the European Commission Director General and the European Committee of the Regions. The EU-funded project aims to support young entrepreneurship and to foster the growth of upcoming innovative thinkers. In order to achieve this goal, it has a project budget of 2.3 million Euro.

The overall aim is to achieve this through promoting the collaboration of European sectors. The conference was launched by Mr. Markku Markkula, the President of the European Committee, who had strongly expressed his support for such a worthy and beneficial project.Delegates attending iEER event Brussels

Con Stack, who is a Director at Tricel, a leading manufacturer for the Water, Environmental, Construction & Material industries, was invited to be a guest speaker at the groundbreaking event. Mr. Stack has been actively involved with many Enterprise Ireland projects, including the 2015 International Selling Programme. The International Selling Programme is Enterprise Ireland’s flagship programme designed to equip companies with the necessary tools to reach their export sales potential in today’s global market climate.

Mr. Stack’s participation, and that of those like him, helped to demonstrate and highlight a variety of best practices relating to the nurturing, support and development of entrepreneurial growth. The conference acted as a network exchange for the sharing of valuable insights in relation to the fostering of entrepreneurs and those with innovative and new business approaches. In all, over a hundred participants from all over the European region attended the launch, ensuring a strong network of inter-regional collaboration.

The need to nurture such spirit among today’s growing businesses was highlighted by the European Commissioner for Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs Ms. Elżbieta Bieńkowska. These sentiments were echoed by Mr. Lambert Van Nistelrooij, a prominent member of the European Parliament, who stated “The European parliament considers entrepreneurship, particularly young entrepreneurship, very important, so from the Parliament’s viewpoint, the iEER is a pearl among European projects”.

The EU funded project will offer a means to boost and solidify relationships within the geographically segmented business sector, and help set up a strongly supportive entrepreneurial climate within Europe. Such factors indicate the creation of a fertile ecosystem which is primed for the growth of many new and innovative businesses.

Tricel attending IFAT tradeshow, Germany


Tricel attending IFAT tradeshow, Germany



Tricel is a global provider of high-performance solutions for the Water, Environmental, Construction and Materials industry and will be in attendance at this year’s IFAT tradeshow being held in Munich, Germany.

IFAT is the world’s leading trade fair for water, sewage, waste and raw materials management. Over the past 50 years, visitor numbers have increased from a starting figure of 10,200 to over 135,000 today. More than 3000 exhibitors from across the globe cover the full range of professions in the water, sewage, waste and raw materials industry under the heading: Today, IFAT is the world’s leading innovation platform for environmental technologies that includes events in Munich, China, India, Turkey, and South Africa.

Following on from the success of IFAT 2014, Tricel sales’ advisors will be located in Hall A3, Stand No. 104 from the 30th of May to June 3rd to discuss all your wastewater treatment queries. This will be our 2nd year in attendance, we are excited to be showcasing our range of market leading wastewater treatment solutions at one of the largest trade events of its kind worldwide. As well as showcasing our innovative environmental range, Tricel will also be signing up new distributors in Germany & throughout Europe. With manufacturing locations in 5 countries, Tricel possess a broad and distinct range of capabilities which enable us to supply a comprehensive range of products to over 50 countries worldwide.

IFAT provides Tricel with the opportunity to meet with existing distributors located throughout Germany, it also provides excellent opportunities to engage with new international clientele.

The IFAT tradeshow event is an ideal platform to further showcase our innovative environmental solutions and to continue to build on our rapid international growth.

IFAT Dates:  May 30th to June 3rd
Location of Tricel Stand: Hall A3 Stand No. 104
Contact:  Pat Reidy – Environmental Sales Manager
Tel: +353 64 6678660

SelfBuild & Improve Your Home Show

Self build logo


Event: SelfBuild Show
Venue: Titanic Exhibition Centre
Dates: 12 – 14th February 2016
Location: Stand, D30
Sector: Environmental Division, (Wastewater treatment)

Tricel in conjunction with Depa Water Ltd, will be attending this year’s self-build show that is taking place at the Titanic Exhibition Centre, Belfast from the 12th to the 14th of February.

This is the largest Self Build & Home improvement show in Ireland with over 20,000 visitors expected to be in attendance.

Tricel will be showcasing their range of wastewater treatment plants that offer the ideal solution for anyone building a new home where mains drainage is not possible or the mains drainage has reached capacity.

For further information on Tricel’s range of wastewater treatment plants please follow the link provided. Tricel and Depa Water Ltd will be available at the show from the 12th to the 14th of February, located at stand D30 and will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

UK Wastewater treatment range
Irish Wastewater treatment range
Location of stand D30 SelfBuild floor plan link

Tricel announce the acquisition of FiberGlass Supplies (Leeds) Ltd.

Fiberglass Supplies (Leeds) Ltd.

Tricel announces further development of its Material’s Division with the acquisition of FiberGlass Supplies (Leeds) Ltd.

Tricel, a global provider of high performance solutions for the Water, Environmental, Construction and Material Industries, announced today the acquisition of FiberGlass Supplies (Leeds) Ltd, significantly expanding the company’s portfolio of fibreglass products. FiberGlass Supplies (Leeds) Ltd are a leading provider of fibreglass and GRP roofing products in the UK.

Based in West Yorkshire, the company has a strong presence both on and offline in the Fibreglass industry with over 30 years’ experience. The company specialise in a wide range of products from Roofing kits, Fibreglass supplies, Gelcoats and Resins across a diverse range of industries including Construction, Industrial, Marine & Automotive.

Mike Stack, CEO of Tricel has stated that “acquisitions form an integral part of our growth strategy across all industries and the acquisition of FiberGlass Supplies (Leeds) Ltd, along with other recent acquisitions, strengthens our position in these markets. Fibreglass is a rapidly growing market and a key focus for Tricel in 2016. The acquisition will help deliver our strategy to be a major fibreglass player delivering quality products and excellent customer service. We are delighted to welcome FiberGlass Supplies (Leeds) Ltd to the group”.

Tricel has evolved from its beginnings as a manufacturer of GRP products into a successful multinational corporation whose operating divisions include Water Storage, Environmental, Construction and Materials. Tricel have manufacturing locations in 7 countries across Europe, possessing a broad and distinct range of capabilities which enable Tricel to supply a diverse range of products to over 50 countries worldwide.

Tricel announces successful acquisition of Finol Oils



Tricel announces successful acquisition of Finol Oils


Tricel – a global provider of high performance solutions for the Water, Environmental, Construction and Material Industries – has announced the successful acquisition of Finol Oils based in Dublin. Finol Oils provide lubricant & maintenance products across a wide range of industries including Automotive, Commercial, Agriculture, Construction, Marine, Motorcycle, Industrial and Food Manufacturing.

The acquisition of Finol Oils adds 22 professionals, along with 9 area sales managers to Tricel’s workforce strengthening its technical capacity and capabilities in the distribution of Lubricant & maintenance products in a diverse number of industries. Together with the recent addition of Finol Oils to its portfolio, this acquisition further positions Tricel as a leading distributor of lubricant & maintenance products in Europe.

Tricel has evolved from its beginnings as a manufacturer of GRP products into a successful multinational corporation whose operating divisions include Water Storage, Environmental, Construction and Materials. Tricel have manufacturing locations in 5 countries across Europe, possessing a broad and distinct range of capabilities which enable Tricel to supply a diverse range of products to over 50 countries worldwide.

 Mike Stack, CEO of Tricel has stated that “this acquisition enables us to continue expanding our product range in the Materials Division across a diverse range of industries. It is an integral part of our growth strategy acquiring businesses that reflect our culture and strengthen our product expertise in these industries, while providing clients with the level of quality and professionalism synonymous with the Tricel brand. We are delighted to welcome Finol Oils to our team”



Tricel purchases Puraflo and Platinum range from Bord Na Móna

Tricel announces the successful acquisition of  the Anua range of sewage treatment systems


Tricel have acquired the Anua CE certified Puraflo and Platinum range of wastewater treatment systems from Bord Na Móna. The successful purchase of the Anua range includes: the assets, rights, trademarks and intellectual property.Tricel Puraflo wastewater system

Bord Na Móna have had great success selling Anua treatment systems in Europe for the last 30 years. Originally developed in the 1980s, Puraflo is still considered to be one of the most efficient treatment systems on the market. The Anua range use peat fibres which is key to the functioning of the plants, using little or no energy to operate. Bord Na Móna and have entered into a long term agreement with Tricel to supply the Peat fibre.

“Our team is delighted to acquire the Puraflo and Platinum range of products from Bord Na Móna: This new range will fuel our further expansion in the European domestic sewerage treatment market.” stated Mike Stack CEO of Tricel.