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        • TRICEL WATER: Water storage solutions

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          Sectional Water Tanks

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          Misting Water Tanks

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          Aviation, Agricultural, Construction, DOmestic, Industrial, Residential

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          Fire protection and water storage

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          Wastewater treatment plants

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        • TRICEL ENVIRONMENT: Wastewater treatment solutions

          Wastewater treatment plants

          Tricel Novo

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          Tricel Puraflo

          Septic tanks

          Tricel Vento

          Sand polishing filters

          Tricel Sandcel

        • TRICEL ENVIRONMENT - Waste water treatment

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          Wastewater treatment solutions
          Septic tanks
          Pumping stations
          Wastewater site recommendation report
          Wastewater treatment spare parts

          Our products

          Tricel NOVO

          Tricel SETA Simplex

          Tricel Puraflo

          Tricel Vento

          Tricel Sandcel

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          United Kingdom

        • TRICEL CONSTRUCTION - GRP moulded products

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          Meter boxes

          Road safety products

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          Electric meter boxes

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          Kiosk and industrial meter boxes

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          Spares, keys, electric and gas meter boxes

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          Fibreglass Supplies

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          Fibreglass Kits

          Multipurpose Material Packs

          Fibreglass Roofing

          Flat Roof Builds & Repairs

          Composites Distribution

          Your partner for Composite Supplies

          Lubricants Distribution

          Premium Oils & Lubricants for Ireland

        • TRICEL DISTRIBUTION - Fibreglass and lubricants distribution

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          Fibreglass supplies

          Fibreglass roofing

          Composites distribution

          Lubricants distribution

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          United kingdom

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          Fibreglass kits, gelcoats, topcoats and ancillaries

Welcome to Tricel Europe

From our beginnings as a small fibreglass company, Tricel is today a family led global
provider of high-performance, innovation-based solutions for the Water,
Environmental, Construction and Distribution industries.

Our Products

Water Storage

All tanks are manufactured from the superior material Glass Reinforced Plastics (GRP), ensuring a long lasting, durable, cost effective solution for both potable and non-potable applications.

Fire Suppression Tanks

Tricel fire protection tanks are used and trusted by businesses, municipalities and their insurers who all rely on the deliverability of emergency water supply to a sprinkler system in the event of a fire.

Water Pump Solutions

Tricel Pumps provide a comprehensive range of total water pumping solutions, through a prepackaged pump set or by designing and manufacturing a tailored deliverable specific to the demands of your project.

Wastewater Treatment Plants

Tricel wastewater treatment plants provide a cost-effective solution for high-quality wastewater treatment and ensure compliance with environmental protection regulations.

Septic Tanks

A Tricel septic tank is the perfect solution for wastewater treatment and ideal for use in conjunction with the appropriate disposal system.

Packaged Filter Systems

Packaged Polishing Filters provide a much sought after dual function of treating the effluent from a wastewater treatment system and disposing of the treated liquid into the ground.

Pumping Stations

A pumping station is an extra tank that connects to your actual septic tank or wastewater treatment plant specifically when it’s higher than the level of the property.

Meter Boxes

We supply a comprehensive range of highly durable gas and electric meter boxes and kiosks to the leading utilities and merchant chains and have done for over 15 years.

Road Safety

Our high-quality safety products are widely specified and conform to all building regulations. We provide for the UK’s largest construction and building organisations.

Custom Moulding

We can design, build and deliver to your own specifications ensuring a perfectly tailored product solution to any issues which you, or your company, may face.

Fibreglass Kits

Tricel manufacture and provide a wide range of leading composite materials, kits & supplies.


Through Finol Oils Unlimited, Tricel has over 40 years of experience in the lubricants industry.

Fibreglass Roofing

Industry specialists in the production and custom moulding of a wide range of GRP products.

The Latest Headlines from Tricel EU

News Desk EU

Expanding our reach

May 2022

Biokube A/S acquired by leading European Engineering company Tricel.

Our Locations and Operations

The Tricel Group

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Our Locations



Finol Oils


Tricel Ireland and Tricel Pumps

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About Us

Who are we?

We are a global provider of high-performance solutions for the Water, Environmental, Construction and Distribution industries. Our company ethos of “Generations of Innovation” is built around three interlinking themes; Innovation, Quality and Heritage. These three pillars have been developed and ingrained over 60 years of highly-successful business operations.

Tricel’s History From 1974 to present

Our journey so far

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    Tricel (Killarney) Unlimited Company
    Ballyspillane Industrial Estate, Killarney, Co. Kerry, V93 X253, Ireland
    Tel: 00353 (0)64 6632421