L’histoire de Tricel

The KMG group went under the banner Tricel March 2014.


The 70 – Group Foundation

Killarney Plastics is created by Anne & Con Stack on 1 st February 1973. Their project is the production of fiberglass products (GRP) and other high-end composite products. At that time, the PRV is a new and innovative material on the Irish market. The company begins producing a range that includes boats and building materials to the people of the region. The Company is then located in a small alley in the city of Killarney in Ireland.

The 80s – The company expands

After his first success, larger premises become necessary to respond to the strong demand for the products in GRP. The company expands and moves to a new place where she built a small factory in the early 80. Additional jobs are created to meet the demand.

Although business is booming, the company focuses on developing its own range of products: tanks for water storage cabinets and counters. The experience enables the development of unique manufacturing methods that are the foundation for innovation and that later will prove to be a key factor in the growth of the company. Consistent manufacturing processes lead to high quality products, also encouraging this growth.

The 90 – Developing a clear strategy:

In the early 90s the company expanded its range of water storage tanks and metering enclosures that are very successful. Market development strategies generate the first export sales in the UK and Europe. The Killarney Plastics capabilities and reputation of engineering and technical development thrive in Ireland and the UK. Killarney Plastics is assigned contracts with utilities.


A dual strategy is implemented involving the proprietary products and acquisitions. The company is implementing an action plan to expand the business and become an international leader in the market for composite materials.

The initial phase of the development plan is the expansion in the UK market in 1994 and Gloucester Composites is set up for the manufacture of the product range for companies in the UK market.

In 1997, further expansion with the establishment of a distribution company of raw materials, Fibreglass Sales, Northern Ireland.


In 1998, Killarney Manufacturing Group (KMG) is created to bring together the experience, manufacturing capability and staff of each company.

In 1999 KMG made its first acquisition, Technotrak, brings a platform enabling the group to diversify into the design and manufacture of equipment for road safety.

At the end of 1999, KMG acquired the two main companies specializing in tanks for water storage in the United Kingdom: Dewey Waters and Nicholson Plastics. Dewey Waters, based in Bristol, was established in 1956 and Nicholson Plastics, with subsidiaries in Scotland and London, was established in 1968. KMG doubled in size thanks to these acquisitions.

The 2000s – The strategy in action

The beginning of the millennium sees KMG consolidate its recent acquisitions. To meet the needs of a constantly growing, a new head office with a research and development center and advanced manufacturing plant is built in Killarney.

KMG concerning diversification strategy, the group is developing in the environmental sector. A new subsidiary, Tricel, founded in 2002. Tricel is created to focus on the treatment of wastewater market, initially in Ireland and the UK and later in Europe and the United States.

In 2005, KMG acquires AC Plastic Industries, a British manufacturer of water tanks and fire extinguishers. AC Plastics, established in 1958, has a long history of water reservoirs in the Middle East and North Africa.

This decade sees KMG become the first water tanks GRP manufacturer in Europe with distribution in Europe, Africa and Asia.

2010 – 2013 Growth continues

KMG continues to expand its customer base, new markets and product range.

In early 2011, KMG gets the Ministerial approvals for sewage VSAT Tricel.

In 2011, KMG opens its first plant in France, in Poitiers, in the manufacture of its range of treatment VSAT Tricel for the French market.

In 2012, KMG continues to diversify its products with the launch of a range of sealants; KMG ProWorx. The KMG ProWorx products for the automotive industry.

Tricel (Killarney)

Tricel also gets the same year, certification for its range of wastewater treatment systems in Germany which is another important step for the Tricel brand. Tricel is one of the few Irish and English brands to have obtained certifications of both French and German governments.

Name change in 2014

On March 28, 2014, due to the growing success of Tricel, the group led by KMG Killarney Plastics Company, changes its name to Tricel. The group companies are also renowned Tricel.

The Tricel name is already well established in a number of countries and this change is a significant step forward for our future success. Tricel the original brand was created in 2002 when the group extended to new markets. 2014 is the perfect time to apply this change so that all aspects of the group are united under a single identity growing.

The new Tricel mark means a new beginning, a great moment for the group that plans to enlarge further.

Création d’emploi -2015

mai 2015 – 100 new posts are foreseen by the Tricel group, 40 vacancies in the same group headquarters in Killarney.These new jobs will allow the group to move from a staff of 250 employees to 350 employees across Ireland, the UK and France in the next 18 months.

This project is supported by the Ministry of Employment, Enterprise and Innovation through Enterprise Ireland (Irish development agency that assists Irish companies in their establishment and development in France).