Tricel’s latest French acquisition attracts an intergalactic turnout

Tricel’s pace of positive expansion has continued with its latest acquisition in the Southern region of France. The signing ceremony took place with the Notaire who is shown in attendance at the memorable occasion. Shown, from left, are Managing Director at Tricel Mike Stack, French Solicitor Florence Magnain and Notary Emanuel Comte. The importance of the event was highlighted by the attendance of the reclusive but much revered Intergalactic Japanese robot superhero Goldorak (Grendizer in France).

Celebrating the signing of Tricel's latest French acquisition

Managing Director Mike Stack in attendance at Tricel’s latest acquisition signing in France

Tricel has grown from its humble beginnings as a family owned Irish operating company to become a world recognised global provider of high performance solutions for the Construction, Environmental, Water and Materials Industries. Customers for the company include multinational manufacturing companies, engineers and government agencies to name but a few. The company supplies industry leading innovative solutions to an array of sectors, and have facilities operating in five major countries. Such is the strategic positioning of these facilities that it enables the company to supply an extensive range of products to over 50 countries worldwide, making it a highly trusted and recognised brand.

In 2011 the company successfully achieved a French Government Licence for its innovative Tricel Sewage Treatment products. Soon after they opened their first mainland European factory in Poitiers which is situated in the Western region of the country. From this initial location they began manufacturing a range of successful sewage treatment products for the French market. Since its initial introduction to this geographic region the company has gone from strength to strength. This latest acquisition, which is in the South Easterly region of the country, will see the expansion of the company’s presence and a significant consolidation of the market share.

Tricel received certification for its wastewater treatment systems in the neighbouring country Germany in 2012. This resulted in Tricel becoming one of the few Irish brands who successfully hold both a French and German Government licence. These were just some of the memorable landmarks on a journey of positive and strategic expansion for the group. The company has further developed its environmental portfolio in recent years and is currently selling into a number of major European countries, including Ireland, France, Germany, Belgium and the UK.

2016 saw Tricel’s successful introduction of their new Seta wastewater treatment plant to the French market. This system is designed for both constant and intermittent influent applications. This makes the system ideal for residential homes, school development projects and also less frequently used holiday homes. The system is also applicable as a tertiary plant before discharge to ground through a gravel base. This newly introduced and innovative technological system has been very well received and is experiencing an extremely buoyant start-up phase.

The latest strategic acquisition is the most recent in a series of moves which will strengthen Tricel’s position within the French market, as well as consolidate its European presence.