Tricel ® takes-off for South America


KMG Group have increased their global presence by opening a Tricel distribution base in Cayenne, French Guiana.

Successful French Tricel distributors, ALJ Environment, have finalised a distribution agreement with Guianese company Protéo Environment. This agreement will enable ALJ Environment to establish a secure distribution base for Tricel wastewater treatment systems in French Guiana.

In a contract signed with the KMG Group, ALJ Environment will assemble the Tricel wastewater treatment systems in Cayenne, Guiana. The Guianese production team have undergone an intensive training programme in Killarney at the Group’s headquarters. During their training period the team acquired the necessary knowledge and competence to comply with the stringent quality requirements of the KMG Group.

The Guianese manufacturing facility was officially opened on the 30th of May 2013.